At Ouxsoft, we make software for clients primarily on a referral bases. Apart from paying the bills we try to open source as many high quality packages as we can. We believe building on top of open source software and in turn sharing back what we can.

Our packages range from MVP to well supported and proven packages.

Why we chose Ouxsoft

Ouxsoft stems from the words “oux” and “soft.” “Oux” is short for Ourococcus. What is ourococcus you might ask? Well it's a green genus of algae. Why algae? Well, because we believe small things coalescing over time have a big impact. More traditionally, the “soft” part is short for "software” as that is what we produce.

What does our logo represent?

Each of the larger ellipses that form a circle in the logo are designed after ourococcus. The eye-like structure is dual purpose, it is both the ourococcus nucleus and shaped like an eye to represent an eye of course, and the evolution of perception. The eight ellipses are coalescing to form multicellular life. The number eight symbolizes balance, luck, and the ultimate form of achievement. Clearly it also means we like to explain things too!